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Monmouth is a community with a long-standing tradition of agriculture.  Monmouth Grows is a community group working to support and maintain Monmouth’s farming traditions, and the working fields and forests that support it.


On this website you can find:

Check out "Notes from the Farm", occasionally posted writings from Monmouth Grows farmers about life on the farm, on the News & Updates Page!


For community members and farm patrons

-        Monmouth Grows Farm Directory (location & contact info)

-        Farm products available

-        Information on Monmouth Grows, what we’re about and what we do

-        Calendar of events where you will find MGers


For Monmouth Grows members and other farmers

-        News and agricultural events, including meeting dates and locations

-        Links to web resources

-        Monmouth Grows email address, to contact MG members with questions, news or information




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