April 21st

It being vacation week in April, I have been busy.

I have tilled by hand the north side of the hoop house. The soil was packed down from the use of the last couple of years and from the tractor going over it while Randy worked on it preparing it for a new cover this spring.

I decided to turn the soil with the fork instead of the tiller because there were so many worms that I didn't want to chop up and enough grass, vetch, dandelions and other plants had grown in that I didn't want to chop them up either. I dug up the green stuff, bringing it home to feed the chickens or to plant in a section of their pasture that we are not using this spring. They have been very happy with green stuff to munch and dark soil to scratch at.

Yesterday after finishing the digging, turning and working I added 3 more wheelbarrows full of screened compost. (My school teaching muscles are stiff this morning.)

I was also happy to have started some seeds yesterday. It has been a busy spring at school and I am very behind on the gardening end of things. It has been wonderful to be working with the soil the last few days.

April 22nd    Earth Day.

Bryan and I worked for a long while today. Digging and double digging, mixing soil, screening compost. Tomorrow the grapes go into the ground.


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