Blueberries in season, Finn Sheep roving, fleece, and yarn

     At Packard Heritage Farm we offer in season, "half-high" blueberries. These are crosses between highbush blueberries and lowbush blueberries. We use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

     We also offer 100% Finn wool. Finn sheep produce a very soft, strong fleece which is easy and enjoyable to use. We sell roving in white and natural browns for hand spinners, and worsted weight yarn for knitters. We also carry worsted weight yarn dyed with food coloring. This is a non-toxic dying process which produces unique, marbled colors as well as the basic hues. This yarn is especially good to use when knitting for babies and young children as well as individuals interested in a more natural product.

It is best to call ahead before visiting us, as our hours vary.
About Packard Heritage Farm

Hope Olmstead

199 Packard Road


     My farm, located in central Maine, was originally owned and operated by my great-granparents starting in 1878.  In 1922 the farming was discontinued and the house was used only in the summer.  I moved back here with my family in 1973 and we have since  used the land to produce much of our food.  In 2000, I bought a small flock of Finn sheep, and in the last few years have started marketing my fleeces and yarn.  Finn sheep have strong, soft fleeces.  They are friendly and personable, and my three year old grandson enjoys helping me feed them when he comes to visit.
  A small mill in my hometown spins my fleeces into yarn.  When dying my yarn, I use a food-based dye, which is safe and gentle even to sensitive skin.  The brown yarn is the natural color of my sheep. 
I also teach school and own a small blueberry operation.


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