Located midway between Lewiston and Gardiner in southern Kennebec County, 1 mile north of Rt 126/9 at 191 S. Monmouth Rd., Phoenix Farm is an organic farm with 35 acres of woods, bog, trout stream, 15 acres of fields, and a long season of 30 vegetables, melons, raspberries, rhubarb, herb and flower gardens.
Please take this opportunity to enter into a partnership with Nancy Chandler and Phoenix Farm. Fun hands-on learning opportunities for children and families can accompany your participation in farm activities, picnics, and nature exploration. Vegetable pickup will include recipes, a list of vegetables, and nutritional information. All produce is certified organic.

WHAT IS COMMUNITY SUPPORTED AGRICULTURE? Nancy and Chip Chandler, with seasonal help, invite you to participate weekly in our abundant farm harvest through a Community Supported Agriculture share. CSA is a mutually beneficial relationship in which shareholders receive a portion of all produce grown on the farm from mid June through late October. Shareholders will benefit from a fresh, safe, nutritious, delicious food supply, and have access to the farm for exercise, fresh air, exploring wildlife and nature, and participating in the growing process. Weekly recipes will help you enjoy new vegetables.Cost for enough food for 2 to 4 people is $450 per year, nonworking share. If you choose at least 12 hours of farm activities, which will be tailored to your age and physical abilities, your share cost will be $400 per season for about 400 lb of organic vegetables.

Shareholders can take personal action by investing their food dollars to restore an ecologically based local food system, which relies on solar instead of fossil fuels, conserves and builds soil quality, protects the aquifer and causes no chemical pollution of air, land, or water.

 An early financial commitment from shareholders is necessary, plus driving to the farm to receive vegetables. You may arrange carpooling with other CSA members in your town, to share pickups. Farm benefits include free weekly vegetables, picking your own flower bouquets and fresh herbs, free seedlings of flowers or vegetables, extra produce of your choice, and farm learning activities including natural history, how plants grow and culinary herb use. Mental and physical health, recreation and exercise can be maintained by connecting with our organic farm community.

Working shareholders are expected to contribute 12 hours of work each season planting, harvesting, weeding, sorting vegetables or other farm activities.  Shareholders are encouraged to do share tasks with the farm apprentices and farmer, such as sorting and washing veggies for other members, seeding in the greenhouse or field, weeding, harvesting or helping promote farm shares.  Nonworking shares cost $450 for all the vegetables they can eat for 15 weeks, plus smaller, mostly salad shares 4 weeks in June/early July.

CSA Farmers benefit from guaranteed direct markets, regular income, having personal relationships with our customers, farm community, and sharing financial risks. Shareholders from the same town can bring bags to their home for people in their area, reducing driving time and gas use.

WHAT VEGETABLES? Here are some vegetables you may find and when to expect them. Nature gives us varying amounts of each product each year. 28 of these vegetables were available in 2010.
Green/Wax Beans mid July through Sept
Shell/Dry Beans mid Aug through Oct.
Fresh soybeans Sept.
Beets/Beet Greens July through Oct
Broccoli June through Oct
Brussel Sprouts Oct
Red/Green Cabbage July through Oct
Cantaloupe Sept
Carrots July through Oct
Cucumbers July through mid Sept
Cut Flowers July through frost
Garlic August through October, Garlic Scapes July
Kale Sept, Oct
Kohlrabi August through Oct
Lettuce/Greens including Arugula, Mustards, Mache.
Leaf lettuces June, July, Sept, Oct
Head Lettuce June through July
Onions/Leeks Aug through Oct
Edible Pod Peas July
Sweet/Hot Peppers Aug through Sept
Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Marjoram all season
Parsnips Oct
Radishes June
Raspberries July
Rhubarb June
Scallions  July
Spinach June
Summer Squash July through Sept
Winter Squash mid Sept through Oct
Tomatoes late Aug through early Oct, 4 weeks or more
Turnips & Rutabaga August through Oct
Watermelon Sept

Herbs include Parsley and Basil for all orders, Extra herbs and 12 weeks of CUT FLOWERS for $75/season. Generous flower bouquets of perennial baby's breath, peonies, Black eyed Susan, Delphinium,early followed by annual Dahlias, Zinnias, Snapdragons, Statice, Asters, Sunflowers & rare specialty flowers. Farmer Nancy managed the extensive gardens and flowers arrangements at Sebasco Harbor resort in Phippsburg for 9 years.

____________CSA ORDER FORM__________________
Please send completed form with $100 deposit SOON (fills up by late April or early May)
Phoenix Farm, 191 S Monmouth Rd, Monmouth, Me 04259
Call Nancy Chandler (207)933-9370 for more information
Welcome to Phoenix Farm!

STATE, ZIP_________________________
WORK PH___________ HOME PH_____________
Each share provides 20 weeks of produce beginning
mid June and ending mid October. Family shares
will feed 2 to 4 persons.
Pick-up will be on Thursdays, 12PM to 8PM.
Payment is due by May 1. You may also make payments
in 3 month installments(May 1, June 1, July 1)


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